Finding the Perfect Kit

How do you find the drum set that is right for you? This can be a challenging question, because this is truly an investment in your new skill set. Also, if you’re going to be joining or playing in a band, it is a business investment as well. So how do you decide which avenue to go? There are the “out of the box” sets you can get from companies such as Tama, Pearl, or Yamaha. They are very well made and are suitable for a good number of people. But are you a run-of-the-mill drummer, or do you march to the beat of your own drum(pun intended). This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself.

One thing you will want to remember is that standard sets are basically just as they are described; standard. They can be tuned differently, or have different style heads put on them, but many times they are standard. Many of them actually have a model number which basically says that these are mass-produced, and won’t have any sort of identity of their own. Next, you want to consider what type of music you are playing. Each genre has it’s own specific style and tone, and you may want to get a kit that compliments you when you play. My first piece of advice if you’re going to go to standard though, is to visit a music store and actually play the model you are interested in.

Sets can run you into the thousands, so you never want to buy off the internet hoping that it will be what you’re looking for when it comes. Try out many sets first hand so you get a true feel of their sound. Of course the way around all of this is to buy a custom-built set, or buy from a specialty provider. Most times they will work with you more on a one-to-one basis than a “big box” company, and give you the honest advice you need.

I am in the Northeast part of the country and there is a company just north of me called Precision Drum Company, Inc. This family run company is based out of Pleasant Valley New York and offer superior custom sets, as well as one-on-one consulting with every drummer they service. If you tell them what you are looking for, they will have the answer you need. When you’re talking about something as important as the instrument you play, you really need a company that is going to give you the best product, and the best service you can imagine. I believe it’s percussion companies like these, that are your best choice to find the perfect drum set to enhance your musical career.