Jon Kois lives in Philadelphia, PA and has been a Pennsylvania native all of his life. He took up the drums at a young age and wanted to emulate his heroes in his style and play. Among his influences are Neil Peart, Vinnie Appice, and Peter Criss.

While his favorite genre is Heavy Metal, he has studied all forms of percussion. He realized the importance of Jazz and Latin beats, and how they can be used to fortify any method of play. Part of his writing strategy is to break away from traditional frameworks, and bring different flavors to each song no matter what the genre.

Over the years, he has been sought after by many producers, and has collaborated with some of the best in the business. Soon after, he realized that teaching the drums came very naturally to him. Even his early students said that his instructions are easy to follow, and they were motivated to practice and improve.

Below are some pieces of his music history, and his resume continues to grow…

The Three 4 Tens formed in 1995 by bassist Jamie Mahon, guitarist Joe Tagg, guitarist Brian McNamara and drummer Jon Kois. They opened up for The Who on November 17, 1996, when the Quadrophenia tour hit Philadelphia. Read entire history…

Returner is Jon’s very own labor of love. Combining his passion for extreme and progressive music with his love for the horror genre. Formed in 2005, Returner has released 4 albums and toured the US extensively. Jon writes all of the music and lyrical content for the band. He is joined by his good friend and guitar madman Gary Steinour. Returner is also the perfect vehicle for Jon to push the boundaries of his own personal playing.

Wastoid was Philadelphia’s heavy metal Savior at the horrible declining popularity of Metal in the late 90s. Combining the theatrics of Alice Cooper and Venom, with the dual guitar attack of Iron Maiden. Wastoid have shared the stage with the Jason Bonham Band, Judas Priest, Monster Magnet, and the highlight of their career, joining Mr. Ronnie James Dio for an evening of heavy metal ecstasy.

Jon went on to record the Marah album Float Away with the Friday Night Gods featuring Bruce Springsteen recorded by Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve) Read More…

Recently, Jon joined Washington D.C.’s Washerwoman during the summer of 2016 to play the first ever Psycho Las Vegas Festival alongside such greats as Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, and Sleep. Throughout his career he has toured the United States, Europe and Canada.

Partying down with Glen Sobel from Alice Cooper

Even with Jon’s touring and studio work, his favorite thing to do is teach. He has developed a systematic method of learning in which each lesson builds upon the next. The framework is so subtle, that his students are often shocked when suddenly they are able to play a complete song on their own.

His biggest thrill is going to see his students play in a live performance. Whether it be in an orchestra, or on stage at a local club, he is right in the front row beaming like a proud father. He encourages each student to send him their practices/performances for feedback. He also welcomes general questions and can offer tips/tricks to make the lessons flow easier.

With each subscription, you will have the login for his video transfer account, so you can send him your videos.