video drum lessons for the online student is a complete start-to-finish video training website for those who want to take online drum lessons from one of the best. Jon has been a professional drummer for over 20 years and has taught many people who have gone on to play with their own bands. He prides himself on maintaining a personal relationship with all of his students (whether online or in person), and follows their progress as they further develop. is a great way for the beginner to get started playing the drums quickly, and have a lot of fun. You’ll get an introduction to the kit, learn the proper way to hold the sticks, and then we’ll delve into basic beats and patterns. From there we explore more advanced techniques such as fills, more complex patterns, and rudiments. There are 100+ lessons with new ones being added regularly. 

So get started today, and take your playing to the next level…


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beginning stages of drum lessons

In the beginning…

Jon goes over the basics of the standard industry 4 piece drumset. These are the pieces that are utilized by every player, and the cymbals that accompany them. From there he moves on to an explanation of basic timekeeping and measures of music.

Then the real fun begins and we start to keep basic time with 1/4 notes and 1/8 notes. By the end of the first week you will be on the road to playing some of your favorite basic rock beats.

As we progress…

We will dive into the wonderful world of fills, and how they add flavor to the song. Then you will learn the importance of “resting”, and how we can understand them in the musical environment.

Playing the drums is much more than just keeping a beat, it provides the structure for the entire song, as well as the backbone for the entire band. By the end of week 3, you will be on your way to building a solid drumming foundation.

as drum lessons progress
drumming creativity

Looking into creativity…

Jon discusses the different stages of creativity, and the creative process. He gives you a basic template to come up with your very first solo piece!! You can contact Jon, either through email or sharing a video to receive feedback, suggestions, and tips.

As you continue on with your course, you will explore the world of basic drum rudiments, and different exercises that can once again raise the bar with your playing. We look forward to seeing you rock out with new lessons in the months ahead.

drum student lisa
yehuda young drum student
drum student steve

Jon has been my drum instructor for about a year and every lesson is the best 30 to 60 minutes of my week. Jon breaks down every drumming technique , making it easy for me; an older student to understand. -Lisa

I have been working with Jon for 2 years, and I really think you should too!! -Yehuda

Jon is a fantastic drum instructor!! He stacks each lesson on top of the last one, and makes it really easy to see the progress I am making. I am actually able to play some of my favorite songs now. -Steve